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What's New in WordPress 3.6

Erick Hitter

Design Engineer @ Automattic


About Me

The Focus


The theme I'm proposing for 3.6 is "Content Editing", so especially start thinking about editing, editorial workflows, revisions, autosave, [distraction free writing], etc.


Mark Jaquith, release lead for 3.6

The Focus

What Was Dropped

Two major focus areas were dropped from 3.6:

  1. Editorial flow
  2. Post formats enhancements

Dropped: Editorial Flow


We looked into what the main feature…would involve, and found that there were some really fundamental hurdles that were unlikely to be resolved in the time given. A lot of time was spent on the planning stage, and we just kept surfacing more questions.


Mark Jaquith, on February 19, 2013

Dropped: Post Formats enhancements

I've been talking to a lot of WordPress core developers and contributors, and the overwhelming consensus is that [the new] Post Formats UI is not ready for WordPress core, and that it would be a mistake to ship it as it currently exists. We're going to pull it out, and let it continue development as a plugin…


Mark Jaquith, on May 29, 2013


Never lose your content

Autosave: what we've had



This didn't change, but did gain some new friends.

Autosave: lost connection



WordPress now checks if you're connected, and if you aren't, doesn't let you try to save your work.

Autosave: browser storage



Stores a copy of the post your working on in your browser.


If the browser crashes, or you accidentally reload the page, your content isn't lost.

Autosave: login expiration


No longer redirected to a login page if your session expires.

Autosave: how?


WordPress 3.6 includes a new Heartbeat API.


The Heartbeat API periodically checks if your browser can still connect to your WordPress site.


Developers can build upon the Heartbeat API.

Post locking

Never lose your content

Post locking: before



Warning is minimal and easily overlooked.

Nothing stops another user from editing the post.

Post locking: post list



See if someone's editing a post at a glance.

Post locking: what the other user sees



User sees a warning if someone else is currently editing a post.

Post locking: what the original user sees



Original user can't make any more changes once another user takes over the post.

Revisions interface: old


Revisions interface: new


Comparing a single revision to the current version:

Revisions interface: new


Comparing two arbitrary revisions:

Revisions system



Try it at

Menus: old


Menus: new




Slides are available at

Check Twitter for a link as well: @ethitter.